Friday, May 30, 2008


My Carbon Footprint is Bigger Than Yours!

Do you know what term I cannot take anymore? "Green".

What was once a name of a color, described as the color of grass, leaves, celery, brocoli, kool-aid, etc. has now become a commercial term that is being shoved into our heads on a daily basis. It's an advertisers and marketers wet dream. Anything from personal hygiene products, sheets, cleaners, laundry soap and foods (don't get me started on organic) are now being re-produced and labeled "green".

Environmental friendly, eco friendly.

Let's call it what it really is. Common sense.

Hello! Welcome to 2008. It currently costs $3.95 per gallon for gas. It is expected to rise. Now would not be the best time to buy a gas guzzling SUV hitch a trailor to it and joyride around town. Does that make sense to you? And if you do decide to buy a SUV, which is certainly your personal, God given right to do so, then I don't want to hear you bitching about the price of gas! You knew what you were getting into, you have choices. Deal with it. I do. I know that even if gas goes up to $10.00 a gallon I will have to pay it. And so will you unless you decide to either walk, take public transportation, work closer to home, or join a cult and live in the field of Idaho some where. Which is actually where I think we are heading. I think people are SICK of complications. I think people, groups of people are slowly but surely joining together and finding a simpler, more pure way of doing things. There's a huge movement of people who are striving to live with less, to get by with less. And I think that's a good thing. Us human beings are incredibly adaptable. We're also incredibly gullible and like any other creature partially ruled by emotions we're passionate and impatient.

Buying $8.00 toilet bowl cleaner labeled "green" is not going to solve it. Get over yourself and quit being pretentious.

I guarantee you the world will continue to spin, carbon laden footprints and all.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


GGBW-Part 3

Let's talk foundation.

I don't have to tell you that mineral makeup is a HUGE trend right now. I really like mineral makeup but prefer to wear it in the summer. It seems to stay put through perspiration which I do a lot of in the summer months. It also doesn't irritate my skin and it's so easy to match mineral makeup because it's so light. That being said - not all mineral makeup is created equally! I had been using Bare Minerals for 2 years when I decided that $25.00 for foundation was more than I was willing to spend. So I tried out Physician's Formula and Maybelline's mineral makeups. At first I was pleased, and then not so much now. It may have something to do with the colors I picked out, but they just didn't seem to melt into my skin like Bare Minerals. They got streaky throughout the day and tended to go on cakey. So back to Bare Minerals I will go. That isn't to say that other mineral brands won't work for you. My friend Lynnette uses Maybelline's Mineral Power after I suggested it to her and she loves it.

Since I'm out of Bare Minerals for the moment I've been using liquid foundation. When you pick a liquid foundation out make sure to do a color test. Don't just assume that the color on the bottle will work for you because it "looks" like your skin color. I like to try a dab on my cheek and also on my jaw line. If it blends in, you have a match. If it doesn't, please, for the love of God, move on until you find the right color. There is nothing worse to a makeup snob (me) than seeing an orange mask on a beautiful girls face and then a different colored neck. Makes me cringe. You may as well go foundationless. Which I do a couple times a week. If you find that your liquid foundation is too thick, cut it down with some moisturizer - OR - apply it to just the spots you need, like under your eyes, your chin, etc. Less is more! You want to see your real skin shine through.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Like a Queen!

I have been eating like the Queen that I am the last few days. I've been craving fresh, raw foods with little or no processing. I've made a new delectable treat. I take goat cheese and a slice of tomato with sea salt and fresh pepper sprinkled on it and slap it on a piece of whole wheat toast. Mmm, so yummy! Also good on the sandwich is avocado, which I've also been really into.

*Oops, I was just interupted by my fabulous husband who does the grocery shopping. I do the laundry, he does the grocery shopping, He just came home and, AND, he brought home steaks for dinner! But I've already ate, so we'll have them tomorrow. Aw man, I feel bad for eating dinner already.*

I started training for my new position this week. It's going really well so far. I had forgotten how much I did while Suzanne was on maternity leave, so I am feeling a lot better about taking on the position. Or not better, just more confident that I can do it and do it well. Later on this week we'll take on billing which is my main learning experience. I'm keeping a positive attitude that it will go well.

Later on this week I'll post some more beauty blogs. I've been too wrapped up in life to write something with an objective, so I will try and concentrate more later.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Kit-Kat and Skittles

To my bestest friend, forever:

Today you told me that you're getting married, that you are engaged. This makes me so happy for you. We have been through so much, growing up together. Many joys, disapointments, discoveries, crushes, broken hearts, carelessness, invincibility, recklessness, worries, crisis, living together, being broke together, learning life together, we've shared every emotion there is to share. Every step you have been with me along the way, holding my hand, and me holding yours. You are so much more than a best friend to me, you are my family, and a sister.

It's not about you getting engaged to be married. To me, it's about you finding someone to love and be with you forever, someone to complete you and take care of you and love you for YOU - the wonderful and unique person that you are. That's why it means so much to me that you've found that person. Now we can share that together too.

You'll always be my Kit-Kat and I'll be your Skittles.

P.S. KKD forever!


Work, Books and a Mild Weekend Forcasted

I love the fact that when I woke up this morning at 8:58am, late for me these days, it was cloudy. Seriously, I do love that. I love cloudy mornings, especially those that I can sleep in at my leisure. It's actually going to clear out for the rest of the day for all you sun lovers (me included).

Yesterday was Reuben's last official day at work. It's sad because I'm not going to have him around to harass and be ultra smart ass to, but I think John (my new boss) is going to be equally fun. On top of that my other favorite co-worker, Suzanne, is leaving next Friday. (Note to self to work more on personal hygiene, ie, bathing, so my co-workers don't rapidly leave as has been the trend). On a positive note, I was offered Suzanne's position as Office Manager so I got a job promotion by default! I'm going to miss Suzanne's mild manner and ultra sweet disposition but I am very excited about this opportunity and the weath of experience I am about to gain. The next week will be insane for me at work as I am going to attempt to learn everything I need to know about her job in 4 days.

Enough about work.

This weekend is going to be awesome! I have nothing planned and I have the house to myself. Listen, I love my hubby but I haven't had a weekend away from him in forever and I am excited about it! I don't care who you are or what type of relationship you have with your significant other it's totally healthy to want a few days apart. I relish in the fact that I don't have to go anywhere or do anything if I don't want to. I probably will though. I think Julie is up to something tonight, but I'm not sure. Either way I see sushi and reading in my afternoon. :)

Speaking of reading I have been really into Phillipa Gregory lately. She wrote The Other Boleyn Girl. I devoured that book! Come to find out see has a whole series of Tudor novels and also another series. So I'm now reading The Queen's Fool and am enjoying it.

Also, I have new Elle, Nylon and Rolling Stone magazines to catch up on. God, I love pop culture!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Panic Attack

**Forgive the rambling - I am super tense**

Wow. What a day I had! I have lots of changes and exciting yet scary things getting ready to happen in my professional life that I would love to blog about but don't feel right doing so just yet. Anyway, today at lunch with Julie my thoughts, worries and anxieties hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm having lunch with Jules and I realize I am talking a million words a minute, my heart is thumping violently in my chest and my hands are shaking. Then my lips started to get numb and I realized I was starting tunnel vision. I rushed out to my car and fidgeted around with the radio, messed with my hair, put some lip-gloss on, tried to breathe, you know...all very important, vital things. I thought okay, get it together, you have to go to Lowes to get fucking lightbulbs for work, and get back and arrange travel for co-workers and look into licensing for CO, CA and FL, oh, also order supplies, call the lawyer...and whoa, that was it. I started crying and drove off to Lowes. I purchased the stupid lightbulbs and went back to work and once I got there I was totally petrified to be back. I basically froze. Just totally scared. And I thought, how fucking embarrasing! I'm at work! I am here the majority of my time! Everything is familiar, it's safe here, people like and care about you here, CALM DOWN. But I couldn't. I wasn't in control of myself. I eventually went into Suzanne's office, closed the door, lay on the floor and tried to slow my breath and steady my heart. Suzanne was so sweet, she's such a great friend, she talked me down and eventually I came to my senses and calmed down.

It's horrible...I hold these things in and don't worry about them and then they come rushing back to me at the most inopportune time. Fortunately life has been really good to me for the past year and a half and I haven't had to experience panic attacks. I used to have them 2-3 times a month and it was such a horrible time for both me and those who cared about me. While I'd like to think positively, this could be a re-occuring thing for me of which I need to be prepared.
I'm not depressed, I am simply amped up and hyper feeling. But yet at 8:30 at night I am dead tired from being "on" all day and I just konk out.

So I'll continue to work on how I handle stress. It's not fair to those I love the most because only they get to see the real me and I've found myself snapping a lot lately.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


GGBW-Part 2!

If you've been reading my blogs a while I may repeat some of my favorite body products. If so, please forgive me. Rest assured that if I mention them twice, they are doubly worth trying out. Again, the focus is on items you can buy at the drugstore/Target/Walmart.

I've split this blog into two subjects because it should be simple and there is just not too much I can say about body washes and lotions.

Here we go!!
Body Wash: I just don't know what I would do without this body wash!

Johnson and Johnson's Extra Care 24 Hour Moisture Wash. $4.98 at Wal-Mart. Totally worth $10.00 in my opinion. It smells nice and light and it really does seem to last 24 hours! I have pretty dry skin and it really soothes it. It also works as a shave lotion. I've also used the other J&J Body Wash Products and was just as happy about those, especially the Melt Away Stress line.

Exfoliater: I like to make my own. Olive oil and sugar to create a thick paste and I apply to dry skin then hop in the shower. However, I would not recommend using this too often unless you have a really cute plumber that you want coming over to your home a lot. It clogs up the drains. It also makes the tub slippery per Alan. I warned you, so if you try it don't blame me should any mishaps happen. :) There are plenty brands on the market and none of them stick out any more than the others. If you have suggestions, share! I'd love to hear.

Body Lotion: There are a few I use. I do like to switch it up, you know.

Body Lotion #1: This one matches my body wash:

Johnson and Johnson Extra Care Lotion. Light, yet it super saturates your skin with moisture and smells so pretty and clean!

Body Lotion #2: - I love to use this one in the winter. It's got a yummy sandlewood vanilla scent.

Oil of Olay Quench. I can also, with confidence, recommend Olay's self tanner products although they are second to L'oreal in my book.

Footsies!! I put foot lotion on everynight before bed and then put socks on to let it really soak in. For about a year now I've been using Vaseline Intensive Rescue's Intensive Rescue Healing Foot Cream. It has AHAs (alphahydroxy acid) in the ingrediants. It basically eats off all the dead skin that makes your feet all rough and callousy. Ew. (BTW -I am really squeamish about feet, especially mens feet which I have a particular aversion to).

This stuff works great! And it's non-scented, which is nice sometimes. I've also used this Brands handcream and surprisingly I actually do not like it. It's really runny.

Well that's all for now. I think it's "Gonna come a toad floater!" at my house. This means it's going to rain and storm big time. I want to post this blog before I potentially lose power.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Girly Girl Bonanza Week

Welcome to Miss Priss's Girly-Girl Bonanza week. My friend Anna suggested I post some skincare and makeup tips for her. I am totally overflowing with this type of knowledge as it's a passion for me (for whatever reason) so I'd love to share. You'll also find that I'm pretty thrifty when it comes to my products. I know not everyone has or even wants to spend mucho bucks on being beautiful and feeling good.

Facial Skincare 101:

Rule #1 - DO NOT, do not, go to bed with your makeup on! I don't care if you are wearing Bare Minerals Makeup and the informercial tells you that you can. Take of your makeup before going to bed. Even if you don't wear makeup you should wash your face before bed. Think about it - all that sweat, bacteria, grime, dirt, just marinates on your skin all day and by 9pm your epidermis is begging for a breather. Do the right thing. Wash.

Cleansers: What kind of cleanser should you use? Miss Priss approves of all GENTLE face washes. While I feel that cleaning your face is very important, I honestly don't see or feel a lot of difference between cleansing products. I am also not a big fan of expensive or wrinkle reducing or acne reducing cleansers. I mean, you just wash them down the sink, right? Why spend $15 plus on something going down the drain? I am currently using an Aveeno cleanser which is super mild. I think it was $6.00 or so and it'll last a long time. Also, I really think it makes a difference to let the cleanser sit on your face for 10 seconds before washing off. It works for me, may not work for you. I have used so many different cleansers and none of them stick out more than the other so I'll just recommend brands: Oil of Olay, L'Oreal, Dove, Philosophy ($$ on that one), and Cetaphil.

This is what you need to take eyemakeup off. OIL FREE!!!
ALMAY® Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads
Perfect and light, they take all the eyemakeup off, no residue left behind, non-stinging and they even tackle waterproof eyemakeup.

Rule #2 - Even though your Mary Kay or Clinique representative may disagree, you may not need a toner (gasp!). I don't use one. Most of them all are more than %50 alcohol and that is harsh, harsh, harsh on skin!!

Rule #3 - Don't go overboard with the exfoliation! 2-3 times a week is plenty in my opinion. I like St. Ives apricot scrub or St. Ives Olive Oil Scrub.

Rule #4 - VERY IMPORTANT! Keep your skin soft and supple. Moisturize! It's simple and it feels good. This is one area I will tell you to splurge in and spend more money. I am whole heartedly devoted to this as my evening moisturizer .

Philosophy's Hope in a Jar for Normal skin. I swear, this has made the biggest difference in my skin, which is normally dry. I have been using it for 4 years now and every time I stray I break out or notice dry patches on my skin. This gives me a perfect, rosy glow. Like I said, it is a little expensive, but a dab will do you, and to me, because I save money by using drug store cleansers and exfoliaters, it's a worthwhile splurge. You can purchase this item at Department Stores, Sephora or online at

I use a lighter moisturizer during the day with a sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen is very important. Hasn't that been beaten into your pretty little head enough by now?!? I want to have skin like my Mother's when I get older, and she's pretty pale (no offense, Mom) and avoids the sun, so sunscreen is how I plan on doing it. Right now I am using L'oreal Sublime Glow for Face in Medium.

It has a sunscreen in it, plus self tanner so it gives me a sun kissed glow without the sun damage. Yay. I'm also a fan of Oil of Olay's Complete All Day UV Moisture Lotion - Normal.

Well that wraps it up for today. Tomorrow I will showcase some of my favorite Body Skin Care tips.

P.S. - Pick up Allure magazine this month. It lists the readers choice "best of" BOTH department and drug store beauty products. You might get some ideas!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


See You Next Tuesday

One of the smartest, yet simplest thing I've ever heard was "There's no accounting for taste". It's so true.

My freaking keyboard is running out of juice. Batteries that is. It's wireless and driving me f*cking ape sh*t right now with the amount of lag between what my fingers type and what appears on the screen. I simply cannot go on this way! I cannot write because I am so annyoyed! I am having thoughts of shaking or throwing the damn keyboard it's pissing me off so. Oh and guess what? We have no batteries.

Attempt at domestication number 232: I made dinner tonight. Some taco bake that includes Mac and Cheese, ground beef, taco seasoning, cheese and salsa and you, of course, bake it. I picked it because it seemed like it was going to be easy. Well it wasn't. It involved too many steps and too many dishes. It's baking right now, and unless it's OH my GOD fabulous, I'm never making it again. I don't really enjoy cooking. It takes too long, makes too much of a mess, and then it's just gone.

Today was my friend Reuben's birthday. Yay for him. Suzanne and I took him out for a fabulous Mexican lunch and topped it off with a stop off at the Fractured Prune which is a custom Donut Shoppe. They serve hot donuts with your choice of toppings or you can choose one of their premade topping choices. I got a dreamsicle donut, Reuben and Suzie got a Reese's donut. It was so delicious!! It's a bad thing that I know that place is there now.

I know my prose is short and cranky. Well, I am short tempered and cranky right now. My computer is irritating the hell out of me. Hell hath no fury like me and inanimate objects, particularily those of techical nature.

So I'm leaving it at that.

Monday, May 12, 2008

So, as I told you I will be trying some new things out on my blog this week. As most always, I do hope to make you laugh.

Therefore, I would like to introduce you to a weekly installment called "Materialist Monday" where I shamelessly admit that while I strive not to be, I am a materialistic entity and I daydream and aspire to possess many worldly goods.

I've always wanted to be one of those people who can handle mini-Tupperware. Do you know what I am talking about? The Tupperware that looks like film containers or specimen containers. Tupperware prescribes the politically incorrect label of "Midget" containers to describe them. So if you were being politically correct I suppose you would refer to them as "Little Person" containers.

I've always been envious of those people who bring their lunch to work with a small container that holds peanut butter or ranch dressing. I was jealous at how content they appeared to be to drizzle their single serving of oil and vinegar on their salad. How delicate they looked dipping their baby carrots into the petite container of salad dressing. How fine it must be one of those people.

If I had little people Tupperware I would surely lose it. I can't even keep track of big people Tupperware as it is. I cram them half hazardly into the cabinets praying every time I open the door they don't fly out and give me a concussion. My husband comes and re-arranges them ones a month and tsk tsks me a week later when they are a mess again. See, those types of things bother normal people. Not me.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Lots of Blog Changes

I have lots of fun and exciting ideas to spice up my blog. I hope to brainstorm some more this weekend and roll it out next week.

This weekend we are heading to Mooresville to hang out with Alan's Family for Mother's Day. Which means...

We get to take the train! Yes. I am very excited about taking the Amtrak to Kannapolis. I can't help it. I grew up in Oklahoma. We don't have Amtrak in Tulsa. I guess they figure we can all ride around on our horses more effectively. (enter sarcasm)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008



Hey friends!

I would like your help. I am wanting to make my blog more streamlined and to have more of a purpose or organization. So what I'd like to do is take your suggestions on subject. My friend Michelle does something on her blog on Wednesday called "Works for me Wednesday" and I'd like to work off of that idea, to where I had a different subject theme for every day of the week, or at least a few days of the week.

I love to write and I feel like this will be a sort of writing exercise that will help me improve my skills.

So let me know what you think! Be as silly or funny as you want. I love to hear from you all.

Friday, May 2, 2008


The Lesson of the Day

Today at work one of the guys brought their little girl in. She's a beautiful, fun little girl with a lot of energy and I was trying to entertain her. This little girl was quietly sitting on my lap at my desk while we looked at myspace and facebook pictures. I was pointing out my friends, my cats, family, etc when all the sudden I thought "Wow, she's really warm....." and like a lightbulb I realized...


So I quickly and yet, calmly, got her off of my lap and walked her over to her little sitting area and sat her down. At that point her dad was done with what he was doing so I told him that she had had a little accident. I really, really felt for this guy and put myself in his shoes. I could tell he was embarrassed and I just didn't have the heart to tell him that his daughter had peed on me. I just let it go.

Really, it's just kind of funny.

All in all, I felt like I learned an important lesson that will serve me the rest of my life: Someone urinating on your leg is not the end of the world.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


A Savage Journey

On the way home the thoughts and worries sneak up on me. I am plagued with the what if's and wish I wouldn't haves. Things I would say if I had the chance, if I had the guts or the bravery. The shame and the cowardness waltz in. It's a sad, sad affair and all but hopeless if I let myself believe my doubts. I just need to get it all out, to talk to him, but I can't. I'm waiting for the infamous right time. I'll set a date in my mind and that date will pass and I'll set another. It's not too late to set it right. I feel like I'm too emotional about the whole matter as of right now and if I do try and speak to him I'll just end up crying. Then, when crying, I will get angry and decide to take it out on him, to make him feel the pain too. This is how I always end up looking like an immature, condescending brat upon confrontation. I've thought about writing letters but I know he doesn't like to read and would probably have someone else read it for him and that makes my stomach turn ill, to think she would read it.

On the way home today I also thought about a few other things like what to get Mom for Mother's Day, what to get Alan's Mom for Mother's Day, Amtrak tickets to Kannapolis, my upcoming trip to Tulsa which is now June 11-17th, Alan's birthday, John's Birthday, lawn maintenance, gutter maintenance, the cost of hiring a housecleaning service for once a month and a variety of other items.

God - I am tired! It snuck up on me today.

I am reading a really disturbing yet very entertaining book that Reuben's wife was kind enough to let me borrow. It is called Cruddy - by Lynda Barry. The book has a way of working itself into my dreams and since this book is like a female written Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, let's just say, I have not been sleeping well.

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