Friday, May 30, 2008


My Carbon Footprint is Bigger Than Yours!

Do you know what term I cannot take anymore? "Green".

What was once a name of a color, described as the color of grass, leaves, celery, brocoli, kool-aid, etc. has now become a commercial term that is being shoved into our heads on a daily basis. It's an advertisers and marketers wet dream. Anything from personal hygiene products, sheets, cleaners, laundry soap and foods (don't get me started on organic) are now being re-produced and labeled "green".

Environmental friendly, eco friendly.

Let's call it what it really is. Common sense.

Hello! Welcome to 2008. It currently costs $3.95 per gallon for gas. It is expected to rise. Now would not be the best time to buy a gas guzzling SUV hitch a trailor to it and joyride around town. Does that make sense to you? And if you do decide to buy a SUV, which is certainly your personal, God given right to do so, then I don't want to hear you bitching about the price of gas! You knew what you were getting into, you have choices. Deal with it. I do. I know that even if gas goes up to $10.00 a gallon I will have to pay it. And so will you unless you decide to either walk, take public transportation, work closer to home, or join a cult and live in the field of Idaho some where. Which is actually where I think we are heading. I think people are SICK of complications. I think people, groups of people are slowly but surely joining together and finding a simpler, more pure way of doing things. There's a huge movement of people who are striving to live with less, to get by with less. And I think that's a good thing. Us human beings are incredibly adaptable. We're also incredibly gullible and like any other creature partially ruled by emotions we're passionate and impatient.

Buying $8.00 toilet bowl cleaner labeled "green" is not going to solve it. Get over yourself and quit being pretentious.

I guarantee you the world will continue to spin, carbon laden footprints and all.

You go! I agree completely with you. I am also not completely convinced we are the culprit causing this so called "global warming". The Earth has been here long before,and will be long after, us humans, so to think that we could really cause a devastating, permanent damage to the Earth makes me laugh. If yellow stone's volcano goes off, that will put TONS more pollutants in the air and put us in a huge world of trouble. Our cars? oil spills? thats nothing. And if you even look at areas that endured oil spills not even 20 years ago, they are flourishing and full of life due to all the carbon released from the oil. (think Val-Deiz in the early 80s up in alaska) Yes, the world will survive us. I loved the post.
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