Saturday, May 24, 2008


Kit-Kat and Skittles

To my bestest friend, forever:

Today you told me that you're getting married, that you are engaged. This makes me so happy for you. We have been through so much, growing up together. Many joys, disapointments, discoveries, crushes, broken hearts, carelessness, invincibility, recklessness, worries, crisis, living together, being broke together, learning life together, we've shared every emotion there is to share. Every step you have been with me along the way, holding my hand, and me holding yours. You are so much more than a best friend to me, you are my family, and a sister.

It's not about you getting engaged to be married. To me, it's about you finding someone to love and be with you forever, someone to complete you and take care of you and love you for YOU - the wonderful and unique person that you are. That's why it means so much to me that you've found that person. Now we can share that together too.

You'll always be my Kit-Kat and I'll be your Skittles.

P.S. KKD forever!

YAY!!! so happy for her!!!
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