Tuesday, May 13, 2008


See You Next Tuesday

One of the smartest, yet simplest thing I've ever heard was "There's no accounting for taste". It's so true.

My freaking keyboard is running out of juice. Batteries that is. It's wireless and driving me f*cking ape sh*t right now with the amount of lag between what my fingers type and what appears on the screen. I simply cannot go on this way! I cannot write because I am so annyoyed! I am having thoughts of shaking or throwing the damn keyboard it's pissing me off so. Oh and guess what? We have no batteries.

Attempt at domestication number 232: I made dinner tonight. Some taco bake that includes Mac and Cheese, ground beef, taco seasoning, cheese and salsa and you, of course, bake it. I picked it because it seemed like it was going to be easy. Well it wasn't. It involved too many steps and too many dishes. It's baking right now, and unless it's OH my GOD fabulous, I'm never making it again. I don't really enjoy cooking. It takes too long, makes too much of a mess, and then it's just gone.

Today was my friend Reuben's birthday. Yay for him. Suzanne and I took him out for a fabulous Mexican lunch and topped it off with a stop off at the Fractured Prune which is a custom Donut Shoppe. They serve hot donuts with your choice of toppings or you can choose one of their premade topping choices. I got a dreamsicle donut, Reuben and Suzie got a Reese's donut. It was so delicious!! It's a bad thing that I know that place is there now.

I know my prose is short and cranky. Well, I am short tempered and cranky right now. My computer is irritating the hell out of me. Hell hath no fury like me and inanimate objects, particularily those of techical nature.

So I'm leaving it at that.

I agree with you about cooking. I want to just clean it all up afterwards b/c I KNOW once I eat it, I'll be like "that SO wasnt worth all that mess.." haha..

Did I ever tell you my friend, Carrie (on my blog links) lives in Raleigh? I dont know how far that is from you..but kinda cool. :)))
have you ever heard of the phrase "See you next Wednesday"? -chuckles
I Tagged you!!
Was your dish was worth it? Also, in Dave's family, the person that cooks doesn't have to clean, maybe your family could pick on that tradition? Except if you were the one doing all the cleaning...
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