Tuesday, May 20, 2008


GGBW-Part 2!

If you've been reading my blogs a while I may repeat some of my favorite body products. If so, please forgive me. Rest assured that if I mention them twice, they are doubly worth trying out. Again, the focus is on items you can buy at the drugstore/Target/Walmart.

I've split this blog into two subjects because it should be simple and there is just not too much I can say about body washes and lotions.

Here we go!!
Body Wash: I just don't know what I would do without this body wash!

Johnson and Johnson's Extra Care 24 Hour Moisture Wash. $4.98 at Wal-Mart. Totally worth $10.00 in my opinion. It smells nice and light and it really does seem to last 24 hours! I have pretty dry skin and it really soothes it. It also works as a shave lotion. I've also used the other J&J Body Wash Products and was just as happy about those, especially the Melt Away Stress line.

Exfoliater: I like to make my own. Olive oil and sugar to create a thick paste and I apply to dry skin then hop in the shower. However, I would not recommend using this too often unless you have a really cute plumber that you want coming over to your home a lot. It clogs up the drains. It also makes the tub slippery per Alan. I warned you, so if you try it don't blame me should any mishaps happen. :) There are plenty brands on the market and none of them stick out any more than the others. If you have suggestions, share! I'd love to hear.

Body Lotion: There are a few I use. I do like to switch it up, you know.

Body Lotion #1: This one matches my body wash:

Johnson and Johnson Extra Care Lotion. Light, yet it super saturates your skin with moisture and smells so pretty and clean!

Body Lotion #2: - I love to use this one in the winter. It's got a yummy sandlewood vanilla scent.

Oil of Olay Quench. I can also, with confidence, recommend Olay's self tanner products although they are second to L'oreal in my book.

Footsies!! I put foot lotion on everynight before bed and then put socks on to let it really soak in. For about a year now I've been using Vaseline Intensive Rescue's Intensive Rescue Healing Foot Cream. It has AHAs (alphahydroxy acid) in the ingrediants. It basically eats off all the dead skin that makes your feet all rough and callousy. Ew. (BTW -I am really squeamish about feet, especially mens feet which I have a particular aversion to).

This stuff works great! And it's non-scented, which is nice sometimes. I've also used this Brands handcream and surprisingly I actually do not like it. It's really runny.

Well that's all for now. I think it's "Gonna come a toad floater!" at my house. This means it's going to rain and storm big time. I want to post this blog before I potentially lose power.

I LOVE the quench body lotion! LOVE IT! It actually does what it promises and I enjoy that... :))

As for my "neighbor," I heard she got married. Well, let me reiterate.. She text me (after my mom gave her my number when she ran into her at the mall), asking me for a good, cheap divorce atty that could handle potential child custody issues, possibly abuse, etc.

I think she wanted me to volunteer, but uh...I wasnt about to get involved with some Brit Brit K Fed drama...Oh..and she's on myspace. Search my friends and you'll get an eye-full if you find her.
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