Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Going Through my Mind..

What the hell is happening?

Suddenly my usually close knit group of friends has turned into a skit of a teenage drama. Something out of The Hills, but even more rediculous. All we do is talk about who said what about someone else who got mad and then got drunk who stayed up until 5 am who slept at so and so's house and are they dating now and what do you think about that?

While it's not fair to state that for every single one of my friends but the majority of us are stuck in this sick little gossip group and I'm certainly as guilty as anyone else.

Then again...maybe it's just me.

But no...

I know I'm not the only person who has made this observation.

It's making me ill.

And I certainly do not want to provoke any feelings of annoyance towards myself. I'm only being honest. I'm acknowledging a situation and working towards avoiding a blow up which I feel is looming espcially with my feelings as of late towards a certain newcomber that shall remain nameless.

I also do not want to appear ungreatful because I love my group of friends and how close we all are. Just, well, something is very off right now.

I find myself forcing myself to do certain things: Stay up later than I want to, have a few drinks too many, smoke a cigarette...all in the name of having a good time. It's all me, I know. It's my choice to do these things and actions. Lately I am starting to feel childish though. It's just not as fun.

I mean, you would think that a group of 24-26 year olf men would know better than to stay up until 3 am drinking on a Thursday night. Then repeat that, over and over again.

When does it end, when do we grow up? Will this be going on until we are 35, 40? I can't handle it. I'm ready for something more. Something more meaningful.

Again, I am NOT saying anything disrespectful to any of my friends. I love all of you and what we all have together is priceless. I wouldn't change it for the world. All I am questioning is the meaning of it all and also I'd like to know if anyone else is as tired of the same old, same old, like I am.

Ive missed out on some of the drama you are speaking of, but Im there with you Andrea. Though, I feel sad about it more than annoyed simply because I CANT stay up and party anymore-even if I wanted too, with the kids, someone has to be here when they are sleeping.so, I never get to see any of you guys and that makes me so sad.

And the other day I really did want to come over for a few min,since it was a weekend and we had people to watch the kids, but that turned into a drama with Bill's mom that still has me annoyed.

Anyways, yes, now that we are getting older, I do wish we all could hang out without it turning into a drunk fest or an all night caper.

And dont worry what anyone says about what you write-that is why you have a bog! to vent and share thoughts-and everyone should realize that, so no worries :)
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