Monday, August 25, 2008


Think Once, Think Twice, Think Andrea

There aren't many, but here they are:

Highlights of my Monday:

My computer at work finally got fixed. So I can now work again...that's nice.

I got my swimsuit, goggles and swim cap in. I proceeded to put the swim cap and goggles on and make Alan laugh.

I made it through the day without an iced coffee and managed not to have withdrawls.

A situation at work was diverted and now I can breathe.

**Okay, so below is one of those silly little things that I normally don't do but I have nothing better to write about so this is all you get from me today.

IF I WERE AN ANIMAL - I'd be a bird because I'd love to fly and birds are unusual and quirky creatures.

IF I WERE A MOVIE - I'd be Clueless. Because it's the only movie I actually quote lines from and as cheesy as it is, I love that movie so much!

IF I WERE A FOOD - I'd be an orange. Juice me!

IF I WERE A TV CHARACTER - I'd be Joan Holloway from Mad Men.

IF I WERE A PIECE OF CLOTHING - I'd be a scarf. Multi purpose and so very feminine.

IF I WERE A DAY OF THE WEEK - I'd be Saturday morning when the world is yours.

IF I WERE A HOLIDAY - I'd be Halloween.

IF I WERE A PIECE OF FURNITURE - I'd be a secretary. No, seriously, I've always wanted an old fashioned secretary.

IF I WERE A COLOR - I'd be a sparkle!

IF I WERE A U.S. CITY - I'd be Tulsa. It's home. Always.

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