Tuesday, August 12, 2008



We got our Wake County Vehicle Tax notice in the mail. Pretty standard annual paperwork.

I'm reading it...

2008 Dodge.

Turns out that we don't have a Dodge. Hmm? Come again?

2005 Ford F150? Check. 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit? Check. 2008 Dodge, negative.

Let me check the driveway - yep, nothing there.

Now I am thinking surely they are not showing us as owner of a 2008 Dodge Caliber, could they be? Because we only "owned" that car for 3 days. We took it back to the dealership. I'm sure this is going to be a hassle to take care of. Ech.

So yesterday was our first anniversary!! We went out to eat at what I like to call "The Brazilian Meat Factory" which is actually a Brazilian Steakhouse. Man it was so yummy! I swear I could just go and eat the salad bar: Heart of palm, smoked salmon, shrimp, stuffed peppers, marinated mushrooms...Nom nom nom. So we really enjoyed dinner. Then we came home and enjoyed each others company. :)

Good day. Brazilian meat sticks.

I'm still giggling @ Nom nom nom. I can hear that sound you know...the sound nom nom nom makes in your head when you read it and it just makes you smile.

Happy 1st! =D I'm glad you had a good day! Congratulations!!!
Happy First Anniversary!
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