Friday, August 8, 2008


Smoke Free 1 Week!

I am so proud of myself! It's been really, really hard, but I did it. I made it a week. And I feel like bragging. I've had a couple of melt downs. One on Tuesday at the Notary Public course. I was really bored and once I started thinking about having a smoke that was all I could think about.

But today was the worst. I'm having a party tomorrow night and my house was in such disarray I started panicking. Then I started cleaning and I got even more hyper-irritable. It just felt like once I got started on cleaning the more work there was to do and I started hypervenhilating almost! Isn't that silly? Anway, the only thing I could think of to calm me down was of course, a smoke. I was so close to running to the store to grab a pack but I stopped. I thought "It's not worth it, I worked so hard all week on not smoking, I can't throw it away". So I had a Fresca instead. And I'll be honest. I wish the Fresca were a Marlboro Light. But ya know, it served it's purpose. I made it through.

I think tomorrow night will be really hard. When I drink I of course smoke and I can't do that anymore. I can't be a "social" smoker. I'm either on or off one way or the other one hundred percent. I don't want to make this a big deal, but I really am an addict. It's the worst!

I am so proud of you! You go girl! You can doooo it!!!! Congratulations for 1 full week! Let's hear it for 2?? =D
omg I was sooo thinking that about not talking in HS too. But I came in late in 11th grade. I didn't know anyone and I didn't think anyone would really care who I was because most of y'all had grown up together and my self esteem saw you all the time at lunch though. LOL I sang at our Vespers Ceremony with Rebecca Luper. LOL That's about it! =D
Yay Andrea! I'll help distract you tonight so you don't feel like smoking with all those people who do. Just stay inside the house,instead of on the deck, that will help!
WOO HOO!!!! I'm very proud of you, lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh Andrea! I am so proud of you! And, by the way, happy anniversary today!!! We love you guys!!!
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