Thursday, August 14, 2008



Is it possible to get tired of chocolate? Even for a day or two? I was thinking about this today because I will never refuse chocolate but today I almost did. It felt, well, wrong.

I heard something on the radio today: I think they were talking about Edwards and they said something to the effect of the American people just weren't expecting some one to do something like that, that it was shocking and they really thought he was someone else. I thought "there's the problem". Expect the worst in people, especially politicians. It is totally acceptable to fuck up. It is not acceptable to not face the consequences.

I got accused of doing something today that I didn't do. It upset me just because it was unfair. It has since been cleared up but then this evening I did the exact same thing to someone else before checking my facts. I was so heated and upset I drilled full force into this person. Ironic?

For the first weekend in way too many weekends I have nothing planned.

After thinking that I have a problem making friends with girls I realized it's not me. It's the girls I am meeting. Some of them are still stuck in high school mentality and I'm not. We don't click, I'm moving on. Simple.

I had a fun day at work today and even got a lot of work done even though Julie and I had a popcorn party in my office and sang "This is How We Do It" by Montel Jordan. Proving once again good friends can work together.

Yes it is possible to get tired of chocolate. I use to not think so. But then I got on the scale. LOL! You should check out my post about Chocolate...yeah it's the link below. LOL

Ok so...on the Edwards thing, I think they should so leave him alone because you are right. It's totally acceptable to make a major fuck up. Not like he's the only politician bagged for dipping where he shouldn't...

I also have always had a problem with make friends with girls...I get along better with guys and have always had a hard time conversating with girls until recently. Maybe you are right about the High School mind set? I never thought about that much because I never had that kind of mind set in the first place. I was always a tomboy and thought that was my non-girly-friendships flaw! LOL

Glad you had fun at work! Montel Jordan rocks! That song always makes me think of Nutty Professor (the first one) because he sings it right before "Reggie" gets up on stage to perform. And I laugh my ass off everytime I see that scene!
Hmm, I disagree in ignoring Edwards' "mess up". He is a politician, and thus in the public eye, speaking out to our young people, old people, and those in between-in general a role model, so he should be held to the highest of standards, a standard he has placed upon himself by running for office. Simply because politicians are considered "crummy" doesn't mean we should be passive and ignore horrible disregard for the "rules" of society.

He is married, and he cheated on her while she battled cancer, just plain wrong on a painful level and much more than just a "mistake". If he no longer loved his wife and wanted to love someone else, there are legal ways to do it-separation and divorce-it should not hard to keep the pants zipped up. He is not leaving his wife to marry a new girl he loves, he just thought he was bigger than life and didn't have to follow the rules and could get away with it.

Shame on him, and we should all do our best to keep egotistical people like him out of our group of political representatives, as he obviously cares for nothing but his own needs at the sacrifice of what is right.

By the way, I am going to miss you while we are in Alabama :( We should get together this Saturday for a bit.
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