Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm Behind

Thanks to our good friend John Z. I've been watching a lot of "Oz" lately. At first I thought the show was stupid but then I got sucked in. It's a little far fetched at times and you are guaranteed to see at least one penis per episode but all in all it's a male dominated super drama (soap opera).

Oh and I have the wierdest crush on Christopher Meloni! I always have wierd movie star/artist crushes. Let's see: Pauly Shore, Chevy Chase, David Lee Roth, etc. I mean I'm not really into any of them now, but in the past those have been odd crushes.

I'm always a little behind when it comes to TV and movies. I'll watch a movie that's been out for ten years. Like I watched American Beauty last year then went around proclaiming it's greatness and asking others "Have you seen it yet?!?". I'm greeted with groans and rolling of eyes and people saying "Geez, Andrea, ya been living under a rock?".

That's just how I do it. How I roll. Whatever.

So today it's rained pretty much all day. Big deal, right? Well it's big news around here. In fact I had pretty much ruled out the chance of any rain today after the weather women and men on wral talked about it for two days before hand. Every time they do that the weather is almost always going to do the opposite of what the predict. But this time they were right.

Today was the LONGEST. DAY. EVER.

One really good thing about not smoking that I've noticed is that I smell good! I can smell my perfume and my hair. Oh and another thing is that I haven't used a salt shaker in weeks! I don't have to add salt to my food to taste it anymore. Also, I had a real Coke today and it was so yummy.

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