Monday, August 18, 2008


I can't think of a clever title

I found a couple ants in my kitchen. Not the end of the world, but enough for me to say ewww! I shall proceed to douse kitchen with chemicals to kill said ants. Dinner will NOT be served all week. (ha, as if I ever cook anyway)

So, I have a friend who doesn't wear socks except for sometimes in the winter. Her shoes get really smelly. They almost smell like fritos when she takes off her shoes. What should I tell me friend to do to extend the life of her shoes and keep her feet smelling nice and clean? Besides wearing socks which she absolutely will not do.


I'm thinking of making myself go on a self imposed political news ban for a week. I am obsessed with the political race even though I dislike both candidates and have no real interest in electing either one of them. Don't worry, I will vote...yea, yea, yea it's so important to vote, your voice counts, blah-blah-blah, and I always have, but I am becoming bitter. Not listening or reading or watching the news for a week would be a huge challenge for me because I'm so tuned in. I wake up to news, I read news throughout the day, I listen to the news and commentaries on the radio when driving home, etc.

Haha, I ordered the nerdiest un-chic swim suit EV-AH yesterday. I'm joining the Rex Hospital Wellness Zone so I can swim. So of course I had to order my gear. It's going to be so weird swimming again! I was going to join a competitive swim team but when I called about it they said it was best to be in competition shape, and since I am so obviously not, I thought it best to shape up before even going down that road.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing. He or she could put powder in his or her shoes but then when she or he take them off it would track all over the place. The person should consider some odor eators, and I would just straight out tell them so. From what I have heard about this, he or she may already be aware.....
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