Sunday, August 24, 2008


Best Birthday Ever!

I have to brag on my friends and co-workers. I had an AMAZING 27th birthday.

At work on Friday we went to lunch at my favorite NC Mexican Restaurant, El Rodeo. Pretty much everyone in the office went, plus Suzanne and Reuben, who I used to work with. At lunch they presented me with a gift card to go to Jolie, a salon at Cameron Village in Raleigh. I get a facial, manicure and pedicure. I'll probably book it for next weekend. I've never gotten a facial before so I'm super excited. Then, after lunch, they surprised me with a margarita cake from Blue Moon Bakery. This cake was amazing - it tasted just like a margarita but not in a weird way, if that makes sense.

Friday night we went to Garner Ale House and had drinks. I enjoyed many, many vodka tonics and a red headed slut. Beautiful.

Saturday Jessica M. and I went to the Smithfield Outlet Mall and shopped all day. I got two pairs of Nine West shoes and a purse.

In the meantime, Alan, John Z, and Julie had been cooking up semi surprise party plans all day. When Jessica M. and I got back into town they took me over to The Z's and they had decorated the place all pretty and girly and there was a butterfly cupcake cake and Holy Smokes bbq. It was so sweet and nice! We had an awesome party. We played Circle of Death and Quarters with Potent Potable (hawaiian punch, vodka and grape koolaid). Oh, and there were jello shots! So all of my favorite things.

All that was missing was my Mom, Tammy, Jamie and Michelle G, who all of course live in Tulsa and were regrettably unable to attend on such short notice. :)

It was a great birthday and I can't believe everyone made such a big deal out of it. It really meant a lot and I feel totally spoiled.

Oh, and I got the first season of Mad Men for my birthday, so we're watching it tonight.

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