Friday, July 18, 2008


Village Idiots.

Have you ever had one of those days where you woke up and just knew that it wasn't going to be a "fun" day? That sinking feeling in your stomach, the rush to get up and go-go even though you would rather pull your covers over your head but you just have to get up and grin and bear it. How about having that feeling 4 days in a row? Welcome to my work week. It has been, how should I say this nicely and politically correctly so that I don't get rebuffed....uhhh, well, interesting. It all came to a head today. It's a really long and really stupid story but it basically amounts to the "higher ups" or as I like to call them, "village idiots" in the office who refuse to be adults and make big boy decisions. It's completely frustrating. I tried so very hard not to let it get to me but after 4 days of non-stop b.s. I snapped today. I vented to one of our principals when he called today all excited for the days events. Surprisingly he completly understood and actually helped out and took charge. I really appreciated this persons help today and while I already had a deep respect for him I have even more after today. Yay for office heroes!

I've felt a sinus infection coming on all week and because I've been so stressed I've put the sickness off or better yet, ignored it. But after today I can feel my body caving in and I'm feeling worse. Right and time for the weekend, ding ding ding!

It's not all doom and gloom: I love the fact that when it pours outside I can drive my car and not get soaking wet (my old car leaked). So that's good. Let me see, what else...I don't have to go to work tomorrow, that's a big plus. There is a party tomorrow night one of Alan's work friends house, that'll be cool. We'll probably eat take out tonight like every Friday night and I love take out. I got my Nylon magazine in the mail. I'm reading a really good book that I can't wait to possibly finish tonight and the house is semi clean, just needs a little retouching and we'll be good to go.

Im still so jealous of the car! I need a car, but I have no patience. I suppose when mine starts leaking, I will purchase one. ;) right now, my tail light doesnt work (tehy cant figure out why), I have a leak in my manifold...oh..and my window doesnt roll down anymore.


I'm having one of those "I could have slept for 5 hours days.." so I feel ya on the long workweek stuff. Ever have work dreams? It's creepy. TOO. CREEPY.
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