Tuesday, July 1, 2008


On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

My new Rolling Stone magazine came in the mail on Saturday.

First of all, I LURVE me some Rolling Stone magazine. It introduces me to music I wouldn't normally know about because I live in North Carolina where they don't play anything interesting on the radio except on 88.1 the college station. The photography, especially the cover, is amazing. They report on interesting subjects and thought provoking interviews. It offers me unique, though often far left, political views.

However, I was very irritated when I saw that on the cover of the Rolling Stone this month was Barack Obama.


Whether or not I am a fan of Barack or if I dislike him is not the point. The point is I subscribe to Rolling Stone because it is mainly a music magazine. If I wanted to subscribe to a mainly political magazine I would have. I chose not to. Really it just miffs me because I get so excited to see who's going to be on the cover every month and this was a big let down.

I suppose it could have been worse. It could have been McCain. Or Hillary. Both are considerably less attractive thank Barack.

AND - Off subject sort of: One of the anouncers on one of the radio shows I listen to pronounces it Bay-Rack O'Bamma (like Alabama). I'm on to him. I know he mispronounces it to show disrespect. Jerk.

Back on track with the subject now: You know what? I opened the magazine and there are really interesting articles in there this month, one featuring amazing photography on Bonnaroo. (I previously thought Bonnaroo was a festival about Bono from U2, wow, I'm a tard.) So I guess I'm not that annoyed. Wait, yes I am. I can't make up my mind.

What do you think?

I agree, totally irritating!
I'm thinking that it did its exact purpose. Get people to talk about it, regardless of the opinion. So, it might not be the person you wanted to see, but it got you talk about it which makes me want to see the cover. Ahh marketing...
I saw the cover and was confused. I was like "Um.. rolling stone...barack obama?!" but..then I thought he might actually be a rock star aside from America THINKING he's a rock star and I got excited. ;) Teasing..but I did think to myself "wow.. I would have never thought a presidential candidate would be on the cover of the RS..That's pretty outstanding for our time if you ask me.." But, I agree with the music mag for musicians. I also get irritated at the bulk of actresses on covers of mags. It's funny how much they've taken over the traditional role of models if you think about it. They're spokespeople, cover models, actresses, etc... Too much of the same people if you ask me.
I would have to agree that rolling stone should have musicians on their cover, not politicians or bakery chefs, or any other non musician job. Also, what is bonoroo? I have no idea....lol
Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog-I love you!
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