Tuesday, July 22, 2008


F.U. (you know, Follow Up?)

Following up on the LIST:

I did very well today. I had an insanely chaotic work day today and I did not lose it or get all hyper. I remained cool and in control of myself. I had one of those days where I was so busy all day but nothing really got done. Ever had one of those?

I didn't gossip. I was a little sarcastic, but it was all in good fun..not mean spirited. I kept it real. I kept it positive. As a result I felt good.

I looked into joining Raleigh Area Masters swim team and it's good! It's only $45.00 a month and $35.00 a year for dues. We can swing that. Now I'm looking for suits, swim caps and goggles. Oh, it makes me excited because it makes me think of high school swim team!! I'll probably have the perma stench of chlorine on me like back in the day. Yesss.

This is just a short blog because I'm off to paint my piggies. I'm thinking I'm Not a Waitress Red or Cha-Ching Cherry by OPI. Which, by the way, is supreme. For me, there is no other nail polish better than OPI, they just can't even compete.

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