Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Craziness, Mountains and Trout

Lately I've been feeling like a quiet riot is going on inside my mind. I cannot concentrate. I hear the tiniest of noises which drive me crazy. I feel crazy. Hell, I probably AM crazy. I feel as if I need validation that something is off. And I feel guilty for feeling all these things, thinking I can help it if I just look at the bright side of things. Nothing is really wrong. I just feel mad. God help Alan, I have been the biggest bitch lately, prone to temper trantrums and stomping off in the middle of conversations. It's not healthy. He's says he's been through this before with me and will continue to be by my side but I still feel horrible. I hide in my bedroom downstairs just to be alone because I am afraid of the way I will react to the tiniest little things. It's hard walking on eggshells because of yourself.

So we went to the mountains. It was really fun. I don't know why but I didn't even think about how, duh, it gets cold there, so I neglected to bring any sweaters. But other than that faux pas it was very enjoyable. I went fishing and caught a trout. Together we caught about 20lbs of fish which we had smoked and then ate. It was delish except for the little bones which made me gag and then made me afraid to eat anymore of said trout. The weather was really rainy and overcast up there. I have to say I'm a beach person more than a mountain person. I just felt "off' being there, like I wasn't in my element.

PS - there were supposed to be pictures with this blog but blogger keeps effing up. So screw it. Pictures later.

We are in the same boat, at least we can row together!
I'd be happy to do some quilting with you if you like, do you have a machine? We can be like two middle aged ladies. :P
I've never gone fishing, but the whole "bones" comment made me gag a little, too. I cant even eat shrimp b/c I'm convinced I can taste the veins. haha! Good for you getting away..even if it was a bit out of you element. :)
Hey! I had a great time at the party, it just sucked having to hide in a bedroom for most of it...but if I had given Ben a bottle them my chest wouldve hurt the whole time anyway...sooo in a year Ill be able to hang out more :) lol!! We need to try to have dinner this weekend-maybe Sat or Sun? Us girls can cook some good stuff while the guys grill meat. :) Enjoy your rabbit and I'll see you soon! OH!! and i have your book too, remind me to give it back! Love ya!
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