Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This Blog is Boring, just a warning.

I feel like I need a hobby other than drinking every weekend and taking lots of pictures of myself and friends doing just that. I know that sounds horrible, but that's basically what I do every weekend. No, it's not all day every day, but it's definetely something we do every weekend. I do enjoy having everyone over and talking though - I don't want that to go away.

Sewing - I suppose I could try again, but last time it was very frustrating.

Knitting? Yea, I could try that. (again)

Painting? Yes, I could definetely get into that.

Oh here is one: Re-doing my kitchen. I've been talking about it for a year but have yet to act on it. So I'm setting a date here and now to remove the wallpaper. Not this weekend, but next. This weekend I have Jen & Cory's housewarming party, Phil's birthday and Alicia's baby shower. It's going to be a fun weekend! So yea, weekend after next.

I've been reading a lot lately. I've been going through about a book a week. I haven't been watching TV at all. I only turn it .. I go to bed for the noise. I may try and ween myself off of that too. Not that I'm trying to be all high and mighty about not watching TV, I just noticed I haven't been tuning in and I'm really not missing it. Although I am wasting a lot of time on the internet, but that's my guilty pleasure.

I feel pretty content and at ease today. Even at work. It's getting a little easier to multi-task and get into the groove of my new position. I like the fact that I am very needed in my position and that I am challenged mentally every day by the tasks I do. The challenging part is the accounting, which is actually very interesting. I do like it! Of course I do have help and I really, REALLY, appreciate it. I can't wait until Julie comes back from vacation next week so we can really develop her professionally. This girl is really going to take off, I can just feel it.

Guess that's all now. I did warn you after all that this was kind of a boring blog.

What, you think I'm here to entertain you or something?

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