Thursday, June 5, 2008


No More Frankenwagon

Big Bummer Alert:

We are returning the Dodge Caliber. The short of the long is that first of all, Alan and I should have done more research before purchasing, and second of all, I should have made sure to have the title on my Sunfire because guess what? You cannot trade a car in with no title. So because we had no trade in value, and no down payment the loan was going to be off the hook high. We could finance it of course, but it wouldn't be a good thing financial thing to do. So really the best thing to do is return the car and try again later this month when we have the title to my Sunfire and a down payment to go along with it.

I go home on Wednesday and I can take care of the title issue then.

I let myself be all upset angry and bitchy about it last night and now I have a new attitude about the whole thing. I was also feeling embarrased thinking of having to tell all my friends and co-workers about what happened, but now I don't really care. They won't judge me, we've all made little mistakes like this. I figure the only thing that was going to make the situation bearable would be to have a good attitude about it and not freak out and realize it's not the end of the world. Because it's not the end of the world. It was a mistake, and now we have learned a lesson. I'm okay with that.

I am however a little miffed that this week, of course, we will be having record high temps for June in Raleigh. And of course, as I noted before, THE F*CKING SUNFIRE DOES NOT HAVE AC.


hahahah, dont worry, Bill and I did the same thing before we got the van. We wanted to get a fully loaded jeep, and even brought it home and did our best to finagle a way to afford it, but it just couldn't work out because we had not saved anything for a down payment either, and the trade in on my buick was crappy and not even worth it. BUT less than 6 months later bill got a company car so we had his car's trade in value (much more helpful!) and we found an even better car at a much cheaper price!! No worries, though i am sad for you having to give the car back. I know I was sooooo bummed at giving up the jeep (I think bill was worse than I was!!) But in the long run it worked out better. finacial and other wise. Anyways, a hug for you! I'll see you around this weekend!!
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