Thursday, June 26, 2008


Mother Nature is Rad

I have a request for Mother Nature and it goes a little something like this, "Dear Mother Nature, or God if you wish to be called as I mean no defense, do you think you could turn the heat down a little bit? Granted you're perfect and everything happens for a reason, I am just feeling really gross and suffocated in this weather. It's just really unpleasant and I know myself and others are not enjoying in. Shouldn't we be out, basking in your glorious makings, frolicking in the sun and skipping around in the grass? Yea, well that's not happening. Why? It's too fucking hot!!!"

If only I were in Cancun. I could deal with being hot in Cancun. Hot in Raleigh? Yea, not so fabulous.

In other news did you hear about what went down in the Supreme Court today? Pretty radical. Read about it here because I don't want to make this blog all about this topic. Being a constitutionalist but not a huge fan of guns I am conflicted about this. What do you think?

So it looks like I'm going to "the mountains" for the 4th of July holiday. At first I was like "Eww, camping and fishing? NOT." But then I found out we would be staying in an air conditioned condo and then I was like "Allllrrrriiiigght, I can handle that". BONUS - I've never been to the mountains. Well, only once when I drove through them with Tammy on our way from Tulsa to Raleigh. So I am quite excited. Apparently there will be some fishing involved which pretty much means, to me, that I will be throwing my hook and line into trees, bushes, other fishers, innocent bystanders, or if it actually makes it into the water I will be catching logs and rocks. Statistically speaking that is.

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