Friday, June 13, 2008


Mmm hmmm

So here I am again, in Tulsa. Words can't express how good it feels to be at home. Unless you've been away and come back with open arms I don't think you can understand what "home" really means. I love it here. Yet there are so many conflicts in my mind when here. It's confusing as I'm so happy in my life in NC, and almost feel guilty for being so happy so far away from my Mom.

My mother and I have a very close, very intense love for each other. We've both been there for each other through very hard times.

At Mimi's the other morning we cracked up for 30 minutes at a rude noise the ketchup bottle was making. As soon as we would stop, I would make the noise again, and there we would go again, laughing until we are in stitches. You don't get that with a lot of people. I can name them here: Mom, Tammy, Michelle, Jamie and Lynnette. That I have that sort of relationship with my Mom is priceless.

I've been praying for a thunderstorm since I got here and I think we are getting ready to have a mini one. Something must be very wrong for me to wish for severe weather, but I'm just being honest. In another, secret life I want to be one of those storm chasers. Mother nature amazes me, it's rapture and wrath. Just that you have no control over a bad storm is the turn on with me - I think. Maybe I am just wierd.

I have gotten to eat Taco Bueno. I found a papertown/paper napkin in my beef crunchy potato burrito and it kind of turned me off. So I've only had Taco Bueno once since I got here where normally I would have already had it 5 times. My colon thanks me.

I just got off the phone with Alan and everything is going well in NC. My good friend Michelle Z. is in the hospital getting ready to give birth to her second son! I am so excited but sad I'm not going to be there for it. I cannot wait to meet the new family member.

It's really hard typing on a laptop, so I'm ending here, but I'll write later. And I will have lots of pictures to post when I get back!

Looking forward to pics!!! Where does your mom live now? Mine moved kinda by LaFortune. :)
I can't wait for you to meet Ben!! Come on over anytime!
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