Friday, June 27, 2008


Marc Jacobs Brings a Tear to My Eye

Isn't it funny how smells will take you back and make you reminisce?

I bought a new *old* perfume today: Marc Jacobs original perfume.

Sephora describes it as "Notes: Gardenia, Wild Muguet, Skin Musk, Cedar, Ginger. Style: A blend that is lush and watery at once." It's such a summery scent and it reminds me of when Tammy and I first moved into our first apartment. Open World Garden Apartments on 61st and Lewis in Tulsa. Oh man those were some good times! We had just turned 21 and would go out all the time. Every Saturday night was the same. Around 7pm we'd start "getting ready" and by 9pm and 12 outfits later we'd be heading out the door to The Depot which is a local Tulsa bar. We'd sing karaoke and drink beer and close the bar down, stop at Taco Bell on the way home and then go home and pass out. Just as every Saturday night was the same, so was every Sunday. We'd have Hangover Sunday which consisted of us going to our parents house to do laundry all day and then eat dinner with them. Good times. But my point was during that whole time I wore that perfume and now I am wearing it again and it just makes me feel that time all over again! It's great!

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