Friday, June 20, 2008


El Busho F'd Up My Commute!

Guess who's visiting Raleigh today? El Busho. As in President Bush. I really wouldn't be so concerned or even interested in this event except for one very big reason. The Bushwacker totally fucked me over on my drive home. I-40 was closed. The Beltline was closed. The side roads were completely full and cram packed of idiots trying to find an alternate way home. What kind of asshole gets highways closed for him on a Friday afternoon at rush hour? What the hell? Couldn't he have just took a helicopter from the airport to the event site? And this wasn't even an important visit. It was for Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory's campaign. Private event at some Raleigh big wig's home.

Here's a tip. When trying to gain support for election perhaps you would want a president that people actually approve of.

Whatevs. I cannot wait until we get another President in the White House. Unless it's McCain in which case I think we may as well keep Bush in office. I know, I know, they say McCain is a liberal republican and very different than Bush, but do you know what that means to me? Bullshit. Complete horse crap.

Can you see why I don't talk politics that much anymore? Because I will have a nervous breakdown it's something I am so passionate about! So I tend to keep it quiet to myself these days but when someone messes with my already hellish commute home from work, it's fair game I'll say.

I had planned on cleaning house tonight but the whole El Busho thing pissed me off so that I simply can't imagine hobnobbing around the house tonight making it clean. Besides, the boys need to help me. Yes, I said boys, as in plural. Alan and John (his brother). John is a welcome addition to the house. I adore my brother in law and he's just so sweet and mellow. We'll see what his attitude is when I ask him to pitch in around the house though. I refuse to be either one of those boys mothers, I'll tell you that right now.

In other news, I worked A LOT this week. It was very challenging. Which is good. I'm even going to do some leg work this weekend on some catering I have to arrange for some meetings simply because I do not have enough time to do it next week.

There is a wedding this weekend! Robyn and Justin are getting married. I am so excited! I love weddings. Good times, people are happy, energy is good, you always leave with a smile on your face.

This makes me laugh... a lot...Bush. *sigh* I'm really regretting not buying a Barack t shirt when I was in DC...

Whatever will we do without Dubya... haha..

Also, do you watch The Soup? they were making fun of McCain. Host said "Barack and his wife now do the fist a modern high five.. McCain's response was 'what's a high five?'"

Love it.
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