Monday, June 23, 2008



We have new roomates. They live in the attic and they look like this:

You can learn more about The Little Brown Bat here.

Apparently they've been squatting in our attic for months, under our radar. Yesterday when I asked Alan to put something in the attic he quickly came back down and shut the hatch very quickly and said "Oh. My. God." And when I asked him what it was he says "Oh no, you don't want to know!" so I finally got him to tell me that there were indeed 20-50 bats sleeping in the attic. Nice. So today we had a wild life specialist come out to remove them but guess what? Not only have they been living rent free in my house, they have been busy procreating and since baby bats can't fend for themselves they cannot be removed until August. Bats are federally protected on a conservation status so to eliminate them from homes they place a screen up that the bats can fly out of but not back into the home. Since there are babies, the parents would leave and die. We can't have that happen now, can we?

So until August we have these special visitors. Don't worry if you come over to the house, they cannot get into the house. The attic is taped up and the chimney is secure. Plus, they want to stay up there anyway.

I am not that freaked out about it. 1.) There is not anything I can do about it, 2.) It's a myth that bats carry rabies more than any other ferral animal and 3.) My facsination with wildlife and ugly unwanted animals prevents me from wanting to harm or freak out. (except for bugs).

OH MY GOD. I was laughing so hard I am crying now. Could be prego hormones too, but really, that is hilarious! I would be freaked out about bats in the attic, but it is funny visualizing Alan coming down from the attic after seeing bats....hahahah! I would've been screaming. I actually do like bats, and I even have a bat house I want to put in the woods behind our house to attract some into eating our bugs.
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