Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Some Musings

Just things I thought today.

On rapper Flo-Rida: Hey, when you push the letters together, it’s Florida! Huh!

On my foot brace: When I put my two feet together, my left leg and foot look pretty and dainty compared to the Darth Vader leg.

On Alcholic Beverages: Whoever left the 2 Hornsby’s Hard Cider Amber Drafts in my fridge, I want to thank you. Yummy!

On Alan nagging me about taking all the Tupperware to work and not bringing it home: It’s all the dishwasher now, all 12 pieces!

On Fabric Softener: Turquoise Frost by Downy is where it’s at. Who would have thought I’d get excited about doing laundry?

On Monster Bites: Archer Farms brand at Target. A small bite of heaven, individually packaged for your eating pleasure. It’s a mini granola bar dipped in chocolate with peanuts, caramel and mini M&Ms on top. That’s what I’m talkin’ about, yo!

On computer illiterate people: I know I should be annoyed, but when I know more about computers than you, it’s actually kind of cute and endearing. But still annoying. I’ll deal.

My cats: Karen, if my cats could write they would send you a thank you card because they are OBSESSED with their play pen/jungle gym you gave them. I can’t get over it.

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got your blog address on myspace but was SLAMMED at work and forgot to send you mine! :))))

Gonna add you to my links!!
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