Wednesday, April 23, 2008


New Allergy

I am allergic to Clinique Anti-Anti Gravity Eye Cream. This is new. I've used it in the past, periodically. I decided to start the regime again and now I have tiny little hives underneath my eyes. It itches and burns and it irritating the living evil out of me. I washed it off and even took a Benadryl, but still. Ew.

I am going through a lot of personal turmoil right now, and I'm very confused about everything. It's nothing to do with Alan or me, or me and my family, so don't worry. I am just wrecked and confused and all ick. I hate it.

On top of that I seem to be developing a sinus infection, or a sinus nuisance. My allergies have been horrible for the past month but now I am really feeling sick. I can feel the drainage down the back of my throat, my nose burns, my ears are ringing and tingling and my head really hurts.

I am hoping I feel better by this weekend because my Popple is getting baptized on Saturday! It will be a nice family occasion. I'm excited about celebrating and seeing Patty and Ed, who are the parents of some of my favorite people.

We're also going to go mattress shopping Saturday morning and hopefully find something for $800.00 or under. I'm thinking plush, plush, plush. Then I can save up for a nice comforter and sheet set and then in the next year I would also like to purchase bedroom furniture. I have never, since I was 14, had bedroom furniture other than a bed. And never ever in my life have I had a matching bedroom set. That's for rich folks!

I just really needed to sort through my brain and get some things out to make room for others. That was the point of this entry - if there ever was one.

Oooh try putting a cool pack over your eyes, its helps. Im allergic to a ridiculous amount of face stuff and that used to happen to me all the time!

Im sorry youre feeling unsettled, I get like that a lot. It passes in time right? *Sigh*

Have super fun buying a new mattress! Furniture and linens and all of that good stuff is exciting - is that a sign of age? :P
watch this site. know more about remedies with all modalities of alternative therapies.
Boo. Sorry you're kinda down. Shopping for bedroom stuff will make you feel TONS better though. There's nothing like new bed/bath stuff... whatever it may be. I typically splurge on underwear when I'm down. No idea why...but it helps. haha!
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