Tuesday, April 29, 2008



I had suspected it, but today I found out it was true. A regular mop cleans much better than a Swiffer. I know, I know, imagine MY shock!

Something I read today that makes so much sense: If you wear mineral makeup but feel like you may want more coverage or a dewy finish, mix the minerals with your favorite moisturizer and apply. I plan on trying it tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.

I like NC style BBQ better than TX or OK style and it's all because of the lack of sweet tomato based sauce and the abundance of vinegar and spices. Nomnomnomnom.

I hope I sleep better tonight than last night. Alan kept waking me up every few hours snoring. That sucks. As an idealistic child, I wanted two things and two things only in a husband. 1.) That he have a simple last name and 2.) That he didn't snore. Yea well, that didn't work out so well. Ha!

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