Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Glamour and Patience

It's here! Glamour Mag's swimsuit issue. I love this issue! I love how they take all body types of women; busty, pear shaped, boy build, big booty and plus size women and make them over. Being a plus size girl I can certainly understand swim suit angst. All I have to say to all my itty bitty friends worrying about looking fat in a swim suit is look at me, if I can work it with confidence, so can you! Obviously you need to pick something flattering to your shape, something you will wear more than once and most importantly, something that makes you feel sexy, cute and confident.

My favorite swim suit story ties in with my favorite life defining moment. I was a sophmore in high school on the swim team. To raise money we had a 6th period (last class of the day) inner school swim meet and if you wanted out of your 6th period class you could buy a ticket to watch us swim. So of course a good majority of my peers did. So I'm 15, chunky, insecure, acne all over my face and I am absolutely MORTIFIED at the idea of being in front of my entire high school in a swim suit. I was literally sick to my stomach all day. Like really, who, during their high school career, wants to be in front of everyone in their school in a speedo? Of course, the boys had it worst in their tiny little grape smugglers, but that's another story. I just KNEW as soon as I un-robed and walked across the pool deck that the stadium would go silent and that everyone was going to laugh and point and I would never have friends again. Of course, none of that happened. I swam, I made good times, actually had fun and shockingly, the world did not end! It was very liberating. And even now, to this day, when I am having an insecure moment I will often flashback to that moment and gather strength.

In other news I had a COMPLETE nuclear meltdown this morning on my way out the door. So most people that see me at work in the morning would be surprised if I told them I was very much not a morning person. See, the thing is, when you see me at work I've been up for 2 freaking hours and indulged my caffeine fix. But if you catch me in the first hour of waking up and try to interact with me like I was human I will rip your head off. Just ask my MoM or Alan. This morning I was on my way out when I realized I had no money for my eye appointment this afternoon. So this is the conversation that set me off:

Andrea to Alan: Did you find your checkbook?
Alan to Andrea: No, did you?
Andrea to Alan: No, why would I have asked you that if I knew where your check book was? I specifically asked you on Monday to find your checkbook so I wouldn't have to go through this with you this morning because I have an appointment this afternoon and I need to pay for it! Ugh!

*stomp stomp stomp*

And with that, I ran out of the room, ran to our office and start pulling things off the shelf in fury and hurry thinking his checkbook was in one of the boxes in the closet (we never write checks by the way). So then of course a box falls on me, breaks, sends CD's and computer parts flying every where and I am cursing and slamming things around and yeah, it made him really mad. I was totally being a snotty little bitch. I left the house with his AMEX and called when I got to work and apologized. He emailed me at work and says "It's okay baby, I know you get a little crabby in the morning. I love you and I'll see you tonight." That's it. And I deserved a spanking.

He's incredibly patient with me. He actually thinks it's funny when I am crabby in the morning. He won't admit it but I know he thinks it's funny when I go on a bad word tirade because my voice is so high he thinks it's cute. I am lucky, I have a great husband.

Hey Andrea! You and Alan are the cutest couple ever!!! On adding a blogroll-sign into your blog. In the top right hand corner, you will see: New Post, Customize, Sign Out. Click on Customize. This is now the "back side" of your blog. Now you can choose elements to add to your page. Click on "Add A Page Element" either for your side bar or at the bottom of your blog. Where you click determines where the element will show up. Now a smaller page will pop up with a choice of elements you can add: click on "LINK LIST", should be second one down on the right. Click "ADD TO BLOG". After that, a little window will pop up for you to put in the info, title such as, Fellow parents and friends, or My blogroll buddies, etc." For me, the new site URL is: and the title is: Coordinated Chaos (Im slowly phasing out our last name from the site, since it is so unique I dont want weridos finding us.) After that do "Save CHanges". Then when you are back on the "back side" page, click "Save" again. You should now have a blogroll all set up. Let me know if something messes up and I can come over sometime over the weekend to help you. Super fun!
Aw.. I like Alan. And I also like your high school story.. I SO remember that b/c I used to wear somewhat padded bras...and I was SO scared that people would see me at that meet-in all my flat, pale, glory and be like "WHAT?!" lol! So crazy we were in high school.. Lord. Granted, I still rock the VS push up bras.. not gonna lie.. LOL!

And, good recs on the facial tanner stuff. I'm currently using jergens, but I dunno.. It's alright, but would love to hear why you hate it before I use it a ton more.. haha!
I think that fundraiser was terror for all us. Shockly we all survived! I completely forgot that moment until you relived it for me!

Love the blog.
I saw the Glam swimsuit issue too. Nice to know that even skinny bodies can use a swimsuit makeover. Love the story about the swim team fund raiser - went through many a self conscious high school sporting event myself. Found some terrific plus size swimwear at - check it out.
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