Friday, April 25, 2008


The "ehhh-st" Week Ever!

Yay! I made it through another week! Every Monday I wake up and think "Oh God..another 5 day work week, I'm so not going to make it!" and it was especially bad this week with my sinuses acting up and not feeling good. But I made it. Trust me, with this week, it's was an accomplishment.

I had the best Sushi ever with my friend Jessy this week. It was at a place called Waraji. The atmosphere and service was top of the line. We had the cutest, funniest waitress! They also have the little booths you sit in on the floor with your shoes off. I had a Crunchy Roll and a Philly Salmon Roll and it was so delicious. A little pricy but sooo worth it. And it was good company. It's so nice to have a BFAW - Best Friend at Work. Jessy and I get along so well and we have similar senses of humour, so we just giggle and giggle all day. Which I'm sure is annoying to our co-workers, but oh well.

My foot is doing really well too! I got all through Thursday and realized, hey, I hadn't had to take any ibuprofen at all! And that's really good. Although I may have over done it yesterday walking around without the brace because I was hurting really bad this morning.

I WILL BE IN TULSA JUNE 18-24th! I am so excited! I'll buy my tickets tonight or tomorrow, but I already got approved for time off at work. I definetely have to see Tammy & Shawn, Jamie/Kendall/Rylee/Nita and Nita's new addition, Reese! I love, love, love going home and lurrvvveee eating Taco Bueno almost every day while I'm there. Nice.

P.S. Who can help me with finding good codes to change the background on my blog? I have the hardest time finding good ones.

I'm horrible with blog templates! My computer at work wont bring any of them up so I just leave mine bland. And hooray for sushi!! I'm jealous. I want sushi. *sigh*
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