Monday, April 28, 2008


Andrea on Politics

I've been told several times lately that I am sounding more and more like a Republican. I resent that statement and I'll tell you why. It makes me feel old. When I was 18 and working at Aon Risk Services I was a hardcore Democrat and very idealistic about everything. A co-worker sneered at my George W. Bush money picture and told me "Just wait til you turn 25 - you'll be Republican. I was just like you when I was young."

Idealistic no more...more or less, cynical and very weary of government infringing on my rights as a human being.

I do not feel that my political beliefs can be summarized by affiliating myself to one party. I do care very much about this nation and, as a citizen, have a great deal invested in the future of this country.

I am no more Republican that I am Democrat, I'll tell you that. I reject what I don't like from both parties, and take what I do like from both parties all the same.

Just a few Pro's:
Pro Choice
Border Control
Freedom of Speech
Love (as in Gay Marriage)
Drugs - as in, legalize it already.

Universal Healthcare
Religion in Schools
War (this one is very specific, as if you are interested)
TAXES - what a joke! The IRS gets to borrow $7000.00 a year from us and pay it back annually with NO INTEREST OCCURED TO ME?!?! WTF. Not fair.

So as you can see, I have many different conflicting beliefs that would not allow me to claim one party over the other. It has been suggested that perhaps I should claim Liberatarian - but in my mind, what's the point? I'm certainly not jumping on the wobbly Ron Paul wagon.

I guess, all in all, it's that you believe in something, and that you have some idea of what you believe in that matters.

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