Monday, March 10, 2008



We just got back from our honeymoon. We had a wonderful time! Stayed at an oceanfront hotel that was fabulous and had a hot tub in the room. It got a lot of use. Ate a lot of yummy seafood and frequented the local restaurants and bars.

I love Coastal NC. It's so charming and the little beach towns are so comforting and familiar to me. I love the dirtiness and honesty of it. I always said I would never live in a really small town but I would make an exception for a small beach town.

Phil watched my kitters while we were away and it was nice to see they weren't too traumatized. (just kidding Phil, we love you!) It's so funny, I always miss my babies when I am away but very rarely admit it because I know that I am only 40 years away from meeting my titled destiny title, "Crazy Cat Lady".

Today we went home improvement shopping and got some random items: toilet seat (the one upstairs is broken!) some wall anchors so I can install the shelves Jessy gave me and a kitchen cart, which is kind of like a rolling storage/workspace.

Tomorrow is back to work and back to normalcy. I'll start working out again on schedule and get the housework back on track. It's been nice to have a break from all that.

I think our friend Randy Powell will be coming in from Greensboro on Saturday to hang out and watch the ACC tournament. I'm really excited because I haven't kept up on basketball at all this year and I LOVE college basketball!

So that's pretty much all for now.

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