Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I’m Going to Buy 4 Garbage Disposals!

I really resent the fact that an outstanding, young, bright and talented student at UNC got murdered. But what I really resent is the unfairness of the overexposure on the story. If Eve Carson were a black student at NCCU murdered in the same tasteless and pointless way that the real Eve Carson was killed I do not believe the story would have been as widley covered. Even if that make believe person from NCCU were student body president I don’t believe it would receive as much coverage or sympathy from the community. It’s not fair. And it happens all the time. What a waste.

Local events in Raleigh have really pissed me off as of lately. I’m not even going to go on my tirade here about the Garbage Disposal Ban in Raleigh, where I live. It really does make me want to buy a garbage disposal and install it in the shower just like Kramer did on Seinfeld.

I’ll just say shortly that it is my opinion that the government, both local and federal, has their dirty little hands in ever aspect of my life and I loathe it!

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