Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The Ceramic Dragon

Let’s talk about funny presents. Have you ever gotten a less than perfect present? Did you have your heart set on something totally different than what your loved one got you? How did you handle the situation? Did you pretend or tell the truth?

I think for my 22nd birthday Alan got me a giant rainbow irridescent colored ceramic dragon that was an incense burner. Included was over a thousand incense cones. The dragon would fume incense out of it’s nostrils, an effect I found humourous but kind of made me want to cry at the same time. While it’s true I like incense, and I did at one point like dragons a little bit, I was less than ecstatic by this gift. Charmed, yes (how odd and random can you be?). Neverless, the incense dragon was placed on the glass coffee table at the apartment Tammy and I shared. And the smoke that billowed out that poor dragon’s nose was fragrant like a dirty hippie.

Of course, anyone who knows my husband know he’s a bit odd. For example, he spent pretty much the whole day on Monday sorting out his wheat penny collection by year and then by mint.

Don’t get me started.

But I suppose that’s one of the reasons I love him. I’ve always loved and adored odd characters, someone who is not afraid to walk to the beat of another off tempo beat. There is something refreshing about his odd, yet genius ways and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That is so cute! I love you guys!

A gift I wasn't crazy about is the old antique rocker Patty gave Bill and me as a baby present.He and John and Julie were rocked in it, and then Bill's dad was rocked in it and all those siblings,which makes it a cool family thing to get. However, it is soooo crazy uncomfortable I end up putting blankets and padding all around to try to make it softer so it doesn't hurt my back. AND I am too short to still rock in it and sit and lean back in I had to nurse AJ while sitting forward with pillows and blankets cascading behind me and try to get comfy while still reaching the floor.

I really wanted a glider/automen and I still really want one, but I know Patty would be so hurt if we didn't use the family one, esp since she spent a ton of money to refinish it and fix it all up for us. Sigh. So, starting in July, you'll see me rocking away. :) The things we do for family. :) :)By the way, do you still have the little dragon? It would be cute to put it out somewhere for a good chuckle. have a great weekend!
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