Friday, February 8, 2008


It's Nothing, Really.

I've been working out 4 times a week for two weeks now! I am so proud of myself and this blog is my way of encouraging myself to keep going.

I feel stronger

Every day I can walk a little faster at a higher incline for a little longer.

I feel the muscles in my legs building up and I LOVE IT!

I have more energy.

My mental health is improving.

I sleep better.

I love the glow my skin has after I work out.

Every session is an accomplishment and an achievement. I was seriously out of shape. I am improving myself, physically and mentally.

My confidence is building.

Adding an extra rep on my weight lifting gives me a small thrill.

I am DOING something instead of THINKING of doing it.

For me, working out is not only a vanity thing, I enjoy feeling strong and capable. By continuing to be physically active I will only feel better.

Going to the gym has been easy to incorporate into my daily routine. It has not been as much of a challenge as I thought it would be. I'm home most nights by 6:45. Plenty of time to take care of my house hold chores, laundry, and my husband.

I am awake 15-16 hours a day. What better way to spend and hour and a half of that time getting healthier?

Working out encourages me to make healthier eating choices. When I am using my body I want to fuel it with premium healthy foods.

So in other news, Laurissa will be here on Wednesday!! I am so excited. Laurissa was my first best friend I made in Raleigh. She moved back to Los Angeles last February. She's just a great person with great energy and a heart of gold. She gets in Wednesday evening. We're going to have so much fun!!
This weekend I have lots to do to prepare, mainly cleaning and washing linens. I also have an art project I want to start.

I am so proud of you! Good job working out in this cold weather!! We need to hangout sometime soon. I have cool pictures of popple at the circus-you will love them! bye! =and again, i cant sign in here to leave my name...i really must figure out my password...hahaha michelle
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