Sunday, February 24, 2008


Fairy Tail

In a huge decrepitated house bricks falling to the ground
I hear your screams without even hearing a sound
I run up the spiral staircase to a tower of which even Rapenzel would envy
and fantasize of flying

Into the moat I would fall and the alligator gar would have a feast
that is if they could catch me, my soul a dark slimy bitter beast
So I choose to swim to shore
My pumpkin-esque chariot blinding me with gold

In to the dirty city we will ride
my three wise men kept close to my side
When we get there I will fill my eyes and mind with sights to be told
dirty full of life beings with so much more than I to ever give

My three wise men will chatter nervously
a princess out of her castle, why this was never meant to be!
The dark men come and shove me back in
The pumpkin turns to beasts, home again.

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