Sunday, January 20, 2008


Weekend Update

So as I predicted, the meteorologists were wrong. It did snow for 6 hours, but it was way too warm and melted immediately. No accumulation.

But that didn't stop us from pretending to have snow yesterday. Alan, Phil, John and I had an all day, non-stop "24" marathon. First season. It was awesome. That show is pure crack. I feel guilty for not doing anything constructive yesterday.

Alan is going to trade his F150 truck down for a Honda Fit see here. It will be a good trade down and we'll save money from gas and the car payment will probably be less than what we pay now. I'm really excited for him. I hope I get to drive it too. We'll be buying a new car for me over the next year, the plan is to save up $2000 for a down payment and also use the trade in value on my sunfire I drive right now. I want a Mazda 3 5 door. Mazda 3 Series So if you'd like to contribute, talk to me. Ha!

We're getting ready to go over to Julie and Adam's to watch the game tonight. I am so excited for NY to win!

It'll be another busy week at work. I have so many "projects" at work right now I'm having a hard time concentrating on one until it gets done. So hopefully, I'll be able to complete one of them this week.

I love you! How fun you have a blog. I liked your thoughts on "new love". True, we will no longer have the firsts of "sex, kiss, fight..." but there are many many other firsts to enjoy, like say, first walker :) haha!...and first home, first garden, first trip to somewhere, and the best, first "dog(cat in your case) eating photo album" hahah! But the best thing I think about no longer having the new love firsts to go through is that we will also never have our lasts....we get to share forever with our best friend, and though nurturing a relationship is still work, it is more comforting and more fun, at least to me, than the whole awkward "first" stage when you really aren't sure, but hoping, you have found "the one" instead of another break up note. It is wonderful to know you have The One and a whole future of new "firsts" and adventures to experience together.
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