Monday, January 21, 2008


November 18, 2006


This week was boring. Of course, it was short, I came home Tuesday evening from Tulsa.
I guess I should be thankful nothing bad happened this week.

Alan took off this weekend at the last minute to go home. His sister from St. Louis is in town, so I understand. It always cracks me up how his family just does things at the last minute. Let me re-phrase that - it always irritates the crap out of me that they do things at the last minute! For example I got the email invite to come to Mooresville this weekend on Thursday. I book my weekends in advance and I know that sounds snobby, but it's true! I have a lot of friends and like to get a lot of fun in on the weekend. I'm also a very regimented person....I need a week for trips requiring driving more than 2 hours. I have to mentally prepare myself for a weekend with the Momma Pautsch.

Oh God, my new last name will be Pautsch (pouch). Horrors of Horrors!!

Last night I bought a makeup starter kit for Nelka. It was so much fun! I just bought her some simple items: 2 eyeshadows, mascara, blush, eyeliner and lipgloss. She has beautiful skin so we didn't feel like she needed foundation. It was really fun because Nelka is African American so I got to pick a lot of different colors that I normally pass over. I'll see her tonight and we'll go over how to apply it.

I really miss home and it's so easy for me to fantasize about just packing everything up and leaving when things get rough. I get very wary of being an adult sometimes and taking care of everything. And I don't even take care of everything because Alan does - so imagine how I would feel if I were REALLY a responsible adult! I just feel out of control a lot of the time. My house is a complete disaster, my car is a mess, my tags are 2 years old, my bedroom keeps shrinking, the cat keeps barfing, etc.....I'm very much a momma's girl and I just want to go, "MMMMMOOOMMMM!! - come fix it for me!

Someone shoot me with a tranquilizer gun, please.

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